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PRESS RELEASE: KhelPlay Rummy Mobile App is a full version mobile application that will make it possible for users to play rummy online via their iPhones, iPads, iPod and Android based mobiles and tablets. The app will enable users to join a multiplayer rummy table online while on the go.

Concrete Software describe their new game as "a card game that makes all other forms of entertainment look like deadwood" and in reality it is what it says on the tin!

The Gin Rummy Association has announced their next tournament will occur in Las Vegas Nov 11th - 14th and with a prize pool of $50,000+ this is one tournament that shouldn't be ignored.

Police in Singapore carried out a raid last week arresting 12 people in connection with gambling illegally for real money stakes. The 12 suspects aged between 43 and 68 were said to be engaged in a game of "Gin Rummy" using tiles and "Chor Tai Di" using English playing cards and cash as stakes...

The elite of gin rummy players from around the world gathered at Ballys Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas last week to play in the 2012 edition of the World Series of Gin Rummy.

Taking place at Ballys Hotel and Casino, Las vegas, the World Series of Gin Rummy (WSOGR) will take place with the best of the best fighting it out to be the ultimate world champion at gin rummy.

Rummy is among the group of card games which are based on matching similar types of cards. Rummy has a complicated past but most people believe that the Mexican game called Conquian is the true ancestor of this game.

If you are looking to play Gin Rummy, it is vital that you first understand the rules of the game. Gin Rummy can be played with 2 - 4 players. A deck of 52 cards is used to play this game and jokers are not included in the deck.

When playing Gin Rummy strategy is a key concept. It is important that players remember that there are 52 possible 3 card melds of 3 of a kind, for example, 6 of Hearts, 6 of Spade and 6 of Diamonds. And 44 possible 3 card melds of the same suit, for example, 3 of Clubs, 4 of Clubs, 5 of Clubs...