Kalooki 40 Rules

Kalooki 40 is a variant of Rummy, which is played at a much faster pace and has a slightly different strategy. In recent years, the popularity of the game has increased thanks to the growing number of sites that offer it online. The game is usually played by 2 to 5 people and the main aim is to get rid of all your cards in hand. The rules of this game are not very different from that of an ordinary Rummy game.

As it is with most other Rummy based games, your aim in Kalooki 40 would also be to discard your cards by making melds. There are two types of melds that can be made. One is called a run, where you must have at least three consecutive cards or more, belonging to the same suite. So if you have a 7, 8, and 9 of hearts, then you have a run.

The other is called a set. In order to create a set, you need to have three or more different suite cards with the same denomination. That means if you have a 3 of heart, a 3 of clubs, and a 3 of spades, then you have a set.

Rules of the game

Kalooki 40 is played with 2 full decks but unlike most other Rummy games, joker cards are also included in this game. Every card has some points assigned to it. The number of points is usually equal to the face value of the card. If it is a face card then it will have 10 points. So a 5 of clubs will be equal to 5 points and a king of spade will be equal to 10 points. The ace has a variable value and can be either 1 or 11. The jokers take the value of the card they are representing, but at the end of the game they have a value of 25 points.

To begin the game, 13 cards are distributed to every player. After this, the remaining cards that are not distributed are kept face down on the playing area. Then the top most card from this pile is removed and placed face up on the table. The pile with face down cards is called the stock pile. During the play, discarded cards will be placed on the face up card and this will become the discard pile.

To begin with, the players will try to make melds with a value of 40. This is because, to discard your cards or to make melds, you need to have a first meld with value of 40 points or higher. It is not compulsory to make a meld unless you are taking cards from the discard pile. But, keep in mind that you have to draw or pick a card and discard one in your every turn. If the stock pile does not have any cards left, then the dealer shuffles the discard pile and keeps it face down to create a new stock pile. The top most card of the discard pile is kept face up to create the new discard pile.

Going Kalooki

There are two ways a player can end the game. One is called Going Out and the other is called Going Kalooki. When a player gradually removes the cards through melds, it is called Going Out. In this method, when a player has discarded all the cards, other players get a penalty equivalent to the sum of their cards. When a player is going Kalooki, then he or she discards all the cards in a single move. This results in an additional 25 point penalty for other players.