Rummy Royal Review


Since launching back in 2007, Rummy Royal has become the premier online destination for rummy games. With almost a dozen different varieties of the game available to play for real money or play money, there’s a rummy game for everyone here.
Because of this vast variety of game offerings, Rummy Royal boasts one of the largest rummy player pools online, numbering well over 10,000 players. On average, over 2,500 tables are buzzing with action anytime you log in. From single-table tournaments to multi-table tournaments to big money games, you’ll find it all at Rummy Royal.

Rummy Games

The variety of rummy games at Rummy Royal is practically unparalleled. Among the games played at this site are:

• Gin Rummy
• Rummy 500
• Rummikub
• Traditional Rummy
• Turkish Rummy (Okey)
• Oklahoma Gin
• Kalooki 51
• Kalooki 40
• Burraco
• Tripoley
• Canasta

Part of the beauty of so many rummy games to play is that you’ll never get bored of one particular kind. On top of that, if you happen to be unfamiliar with a particular version of rummy, they’ve got plenty of tools and guides to teach you how to play in no time. And of course, all of the games offered at Rummy Royal can be played in single game or tournament format.


As far as tournaments go, Rummy Royal has much to offer. From single-table tournaments, to multi-table tournaments to turbos, to guaranteed tournaments, to re-buy tournaments, to freerolls, the variety is practically endless. Many tournaments staged also include added prize money, which makes them that much more lucrative.
Specifically regarding the freerolls, Rummy Royal holds these multi-table events on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis; all at no cost to the players. If you’re specifically out to try and build a bankroll at little to no cost whatsoever, then freerolls are the way to go and you’ll have plenty to choose from at all times.

There’s even a Beginner’s Tables area where new players can get used to playing tournaments for real money against players of similar skill levels rather than have to wade into the deep end with the sharks right away.

All players who register new accounts at Rummy Royal receive a free $/€/£5 no-deposit bonus. That means that you can build up a solid bankroll with essentially no investment whatsoever.
If you want to start out a little further ahead of the pack, however, Rummy Royal offers a fantastic 100% match bonus on players’ first deposits up to $/€/£200.

Once you’ve begun playing for real money at Rummy Royal and are eligible to join the Royal Stars Club, you’ll begin collecting Royal Stars, which can be traded in for prizes like cash bonuses or tournament buy-ins.


Active players and winning players have the most rewarding promotions in store for them, with leaderboard races and jackpot prizes available.

One such promotion is the Samurai Challenge, which awards hundreds of dollars in cash prizes to top players on a daily and weekly basis. There’s also hundreds of dollars in extra jackpot cash up for grabs to players who win multiple tournaments in a row. The more consecutive top finishes you have, the bigger your extra prize will be.

Referring friends to play is also worthwhile for existing Rummy Royal players. With $50 for every referred friend, it’s also one of the fastest ways to build up a nice, tidy bankroll. Plus, your friend will also get $25 to start out.

Side Games

When you need a break from the skillful challenges of rummy, make your way over to the Rummy Royal games tab for a few rounds of fun and easy slot games. They’re perfect for unwinding in between intense sessions of rummy and could land you some extra playing cash on the side. Popular titles include:

Gems and the City: This sexy 5-reel, 30-payline video slot is a welcome distraction from the challenges of rummy, but first you have to learn the rules of the game: the Wild symbol substitutes for other symbols (except for Scatter and Bonus) and helps to complete winning combinations; lucky Scatter symbols grant you free spins; and if you make it to the ‘Jewelry Paradise’ bonus round you may just win enough to buy your own precious gems.

Run Chicken Run: This is a funny, animated video slot that’s sure to make you laugh. If you can guess which egg will hatch in the bonus round, you’ll be laughing all the way to bank!
Polar Tale: Head to the North Pole and discover the treasures of the arctic with Polar Tale’s friendly Inuit guide. Watch the thermometer on the screen, as your goal in this game is to make sure your guide doesn’t freeze! The temperature will rise every time you win, leading you closer to the lucrative Cool Catch bonus round.

Farm Slot: Video slot novices will love this simple 3-reel game where the goal is to reap more than you sow by planting valuable seeds and finding three identical fruit or veggie symbols on any active payline. Additional features such as the FreakyPots garden and ‘whac-a-mole’ bonus round are where you can start accumulating serious cash.


Rummy Royal’s games all run on their own proprietary software. Players can choose to enjoy their favorite rummy games for real money or just for fun (play money) in the extremely user-friendly lobby. Navigation to a table spreading the rummy game of your choice is simple and the graphics are quite eye-catching to boot. Also, the software ensures a quick enough speed of play that all players will surely be able to get the most out of every session.


The Rummy Royal website has an extensive FAQ section, but for those questions that aren’t covered, they’ve got an excellent, multilingual support staff. Customer service agents can be reached by phone or email and most player issues are usually responded to and resolved within the hour.


You can deposit funds and withdraw your winnings at Rummy Royal via a number of quick, efficient payment methods, including credit cards, Ukash, debit cards, Neteller, Paysafe card, Skrill, and Click and Buy. All financial transactions are monitored by the independent third party Thawte, ensuring top-notch safety and security.