Strategies and Tips for Kalooki 51, Kalooki 40, and Oklahoma Gin Rummy

Rummy is a game in which players create melds to win the game. This may sound simple but with the unique features of the different variants of rummy online, you will find that the strategies required to succeed change quite drastically. The fact that gin rummy does not include jokers whereas as kalooki games do will tell you that every variant requires a different approach to win. Here are certain strategies that you will find helpful while planning different types of rummy.

Oklahoma gin rummy

Oklahoma gin rummy is one of the more popular rummy variants that are also loved by poker players. Alertness and focus are the keys for not only Oklahoma gin rummy but for every rummy game. By staying alert, you will be able to see what cards others are discarding and what hand is being made by different players.

Single deck: The fact that Oklahoma gin utilizes a single deck should always be remembered. The cards that have become a part of discard pile should be kept in mind along with the cards that have been picked up by others. Also, in the beginning try and pick up cards from the deck. This will help you in hiding the hands you are trying to make. This is something that will always come in handy when playing rummy online.

Importance of discarding and reducing deadwood: Discarding cards is also a very important strategic move when playing rummy online. The first thing to remember is that throwing a card will tell your opponent something about the hands you are making. So try to discard cards in such a manner that reveals very little information. Sometimes, discarding can also be used as a technique for confusing your opponents. And as the game progresses, you should throw higher valued cards. This is done because you want to reduce the deadwood score.

If you throw a card and the next player picks it up, remember to not throw the same number or the same suite in the next turn because it might help your opponent.

Knocking: Knocking is a rule that is present in Oklahoma gin rummy and in gin rummy online. Knocking should be done early in the game. By doing this, you minimize the risk of an undercut. An undercut results in the knocker receiving 25 penalty points.

If you are unable to knock, the next best thing you can do is to reduce the deadwood points. This can be done by creating as many melds as possible. This step is also known as making triangle hands. In triangle hands, you have a hand that can be completed by multiple cards. So, a hand like 3 of hearts and diamonds along with a 4 of diamonds is considered a triangle hand. In this hand, there are 4 different cards that can complete the meld - the 2 of diamonds, 3 of spades, 3 of clubs, and five of diamonds.

Kalooki 51 and 40 strategy

The general strategies regarding discarding and drawing, which have been mentioned above, should be used in Kalooki 51 as well. However, Kalooki 51 also has the part where a player can 'go for a Kalooki'. In this move, everyone apart from the wining player suffers a 25 point penalty. This is a very risky move and you should avoid going for a Kalooki if your opponents have started making their melds. Also, remember that you need to create an initial meld of 51 or more in order to make further melds. So, look for bigger cards in the beginning to make a meld quickly.

Kalooki 40 is pretty similar to Kalooki 51 in terms of strategy. The fact that you need to create a meld of only 40 points should be remembered while you use your strategy. The lower limit makes it easier to create the initial meld and lowers the chances of the other players going Kalooki before you.