Surprise Rummy Freerolls Announced

If you are looking to play rummy for free and still win money well your wishes have been answered with the new surprise rummy freerolls at Rummy Royal. These free to enter rummy games occur everyday throughout the month on the site and are open to anyone that has made a single deposit at the site and made at least one rake in a real money mode in the last 24 hours of the freeroll. The great thing about these freerolls is that they happen without any warning and because of the restrictions they aren't filled with hundreds of freeroll whores looking for a free rummy game so the chance of winning some cash is greatly enhanced.

In terms of time ranges the games occur between 17:00 and 23:00 GMT and can be for between $10 and $100 - Remember to click the Free $5 banner on this site for the exclusive deal for all Online Rummy members.


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