Burraco Leader Board Launched at Rummy Royal


Rummy Royal have recently launched a leader board to find a Burraco champion on their site, it won’t cost you any more money and you will be in the chance to win $100 a week whilst playing. All you have to do is play in any of the quick tourneys that are coloured green, and score points to reach the top of the leader board whereupon the top 10 players will win huge cash prizes every week and a grand prize at the end of the series.

If you aren’t familiar with burraco, also spelt as Buracco or Buraco it is a big game in places like Italy where it has grown massively in the last ten years, but is also played in other Mediterranean countries and in South America. Its normally played with four players in fixed partnerships with a double pack of cards including the four jokers, in fact the jokers and twos are wild. The aim is to lay down combinations such as suited sequences or groups of cards of equal rank plus you get a bonus for combinations that equal seven cards or more. For detailed rules or strategies please see the burraco section on this site.


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